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Friday, March 26, 2010

Buy “Stitch! BOX 1" DVD

Stitch! BOX 1: Contains the first 13 episodes
  1. Ichariba Chodei
  2. The Good Deeds Counter
  3. Kijimunaa
  4. Bojo
  5. An Electrifying Experience
  6. Angel's Flight
  7. Babeechik
  8. Stitch and the Stitches
  9. Felix Redux
  10. Warracchi
  11. Hull & Husk
  12. Foxy Beige
  13. Stitch & Santa
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Please remember that this DVD is Region 2 DVD and only can play in Region 2 DVD players and Region-free DVD players. Try to see on the back of the DVD player what region number is it. If it does not match, a list of region-free DVD players can be bought from this post.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buy the soundtrack

Buy the soundtrack based on the "Stitch!" anime.

  1. Minami Kaze to Taiyou - MONGOL800
  2. Rodeo star mate - the pillows
  3. SMILE - Kimaguren
  4. Ichariba Ohana - BEGIN
  5. Aoi Arashi - All Japan Goith
  6. TOMODACHI - Glean Piece
  7. HERO - Ishikawa Kiyotaka
  8. Hitori Janai - bless4
  9. Number One - LoversSoul
  10. Waning Moon - Chihiro Kamiya
  11. Stitch is coming - bless4
  12. Stitch Eisa - LoversSoul
  13. Izayoi Yoi - BEGIN feat. Kanako Hatoma

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Get the game “Stitch Jam”

Buy the DS game that is based on the anime “Stitch!” called “Stitch Jam”.

For English-speaking users:

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For Japanese speaking users: Click here to buy a Japanese version