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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buy "Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no Daibouken~ The Best Lovely Alien"

Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no Daibouken~ The Best Lovely Alien contains randomly 3 episodes.
  1. Cute... But Stinky! Stenchy
  2. Love Angel! Happy Valentine's Day
  3. Stitch Does it Dangerously! The Strongest Rival.
Bonus Content:
  1. Kung Fu Dragon: Pleakley (3 shorts)
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Please remember that this DVD is Region 2 DVD and only can play in Region 2 DVD players and Region-free DVD players. Try to see on the back of the DVD player what region number is it. If it does not match, a list of region-free DVD players can be bought from this post.

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